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MBA and International Master`s Programmes

Study management in English. Improve your leadership skills. Gain digital know-how. Become part of an international student body. Experience our renowed worldwide partner universities. Benefit from many corporate activities, valuable career consultation and coaching. Discover Berlin - Germany's startup hub, low cost living, culturally rich and colourful.

Berlin MBA

Specialize in: International Management, Enterpreurship & Innovation, Digital Business Leadership, International Finance and Mergers & Acquisitions, Colnsulting and Supply Chain Management, Doing Business in Asia, Doing Business in the USA, Doing Business in the UK etc.
Exchange with e.g. USA(San Diego State University, Wichita State University), Asia (Hong Kong Baptist University),  Europe (WSB University Poznan/Poland, University of Hertfordshire/UK)
- Full- time (15 months), part-time available (24 months, if comply with visa regulations)

M.Sc. International Business Management

- Specialize in: International Management or Digital Business Management and Leadership
- Partner universities e.g. Kingston University London, Symbiosis International University Pune/India
- Full-time (15 months)

M.A. Chinese-European Economics and Business Studies

- Study in Germany and China at our partner institution Southwestern University of Finance and Economics (SWUFE) in Chengdu
- Double degree with SWUFE available
- German/Chinese language programmes
- Full-time (24 months)

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ESB Business School. Truly international.

Study in Germany, Europe's strongest and most dynamic economy, and you will find a truly international business school: ESB Business School in Reutlingen. We are located in Baden-Württemberg -a prosperous region that is home to many global companies. Our students have access to a network of renowned parnter companies, giving our degree programmes real practical reelvance. More than 100 parnter universities all over the world, students from 80 nations on the ESB campus adn international double degree programmes ensure the worldwide employability of our graduates. ESB Business School ia part of public, state- funded Reutlingen University and offers a range of top-ranked programmes in business management and business engineering in German and /or English.

Bachelor programmes:

International Business (English)
International Manageemnt Double Degree (German, plus language of partner university)
International Operations and Logistics Management (English and German)
Production Management (German and English 70:30)

Master programmes:

European Management Studies (German, French and English 40:40:20)
International Accounting, Controlling and Taxation (German and English 80:20)
International Business Deevelopment (German and English 70:30)
International Management (English)
Operations Management (German and English)
Digital Industrial Management and Engineering (German and English)
International Retail Management (German and English 80:20)
Strategic sales Management - part time (German)
Consulting and Business Analytics - part time (German)

MBA programmes:

International Management full-time (English)
Internationala Management part-time (German and English 70:30)
International Management for officers (German and English)

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Study in English - Live in Germany and Poland Double Degree Program in Biotechnology (M.Sc.) at the Graduate School of Offenburg University  



Participate in the solution development for crucial issues of our future!

Join in on the transition from an oil-based to bio-based energy industry and sustainable energy supply or find, for example, an innovative solutions to secure the food supply of the world's population.


-   Englisch-taught German-Polish double-degree program

-   application-oriented degree programs with excellent career opportunities

-   small student-teacher ratio and hands-on instruction

-   Very well-equipped laboratories and facilities

-   Comprehensive, individual services for international students

-   Safe and friendly environment with easy access to Europe's tourist attractions


    For more information, please see our website:



Find your MBA, Master or Double Degree at the International Graduate Center in Bremen, one of the oldest publicly funded graduate schools in Germany

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As part of the University of Applied Sciences Bremen the IGC offers 2 different Master programmes, 4 different MBA programmes, of which many include the option for a Double Degree, and one of it should match your interest:


- European Studies (EN only)
- Aeronautical Management (EN only)

- Global Management (EN only)
- International Tourism (EN only)
- European/Asian Management (EN only)
- International MBA (EN only and with the following specialisations /partners)

  • International Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Bremen / Germany
  • International Finnace and Investments, Wilmington / USA
  • Human Resource Managemnt, Hatfield / UK
  • International Marketing, Valencia / Spain
  • Managemnt in Emerging Economies, Moscow / Russia
  • Business Development & Consulting, Paris / France

For enquiries send an email to

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Invest in your international career with a master's programme at the University of Cologne

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Are you intrested in:

-English taught master's programmes in business, economics and/or social sciences
- Study in an open minded and vibrant city with no tuition fees
- Combining theoretical research methods with practical training
- International course experiences in intercultural study groups
- Opportunity of term abroad at one of 125 academic parnters worldwide
- Excellent career perspectives

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Then study in Cologne!

More information about study programmes at WiSo Faculty

Imagine the future will be wonderfull. And it's your chance.. Study in Magdeburg and Stendal at the University of Applied Sciences, Germany

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Study at the Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences, Germany- where careers begin. You can choose from around 50 study programs in Magdeburg and Stendal. Around 130 professors guarantee a very good staff-to-student ratio. We offer unique degree programs in Germany as well as application- and transfer-oriented research.

Interdisiplinarity and practical appliance are an essential part of all courses and linked to our focus on expertise and employability. Choose your field of study among: Social Work, Health and Media, Engineering and Industrial Design, Water, Environment, Construction and Safety, Applied Human Sciences, Economics.

International students will be supported through various services, such as orientation sessions, German as a foreign language courses as well as student projects helping you to settle in. Thinking about how to manage your money/how afford your studies? There are no tuition fees in most programs- the semester fee in Stendal is 51 EUR and in Magdeburg 93 EUR, which also includes the use of the local transit system.

More information:

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Institut für Internationale Kommunikation (IIK) in Düsseldorf and Berlin

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Düsseldorf und Berlin live 2018: Deutsch lernen und Deutschland entdecken

Ganzjährige Deutschkurse für Studium und Beruf, Prüfungen und Sommerkurse  


Über uns :
Das Institut für Internationale Kommunikation bietet in seinen Trainingszentren in Düsseldorf und Berlin mitten im Herzen Europas qualitativ hochwertige Sprachprogramme zu fairen Konditionen an. Sprachkursteilnehmer lernen Deutsch für das Studium oder den Beruf in internationalen Klassen auf zehn verschiedenen Niveaustufen von A1 – C1. Modernste Unterrichtstechnik mit interaktiven Whiteboards, digitalen Kursbüchern, iPads + leistungsstarkem und kostenlosem W-Lan sowie muttersprachliche Lehrkräfte mit akademischer Ausbildung und umfangreicher Unterrichtserfahrung bilden die Grundlage für einen erfolgreichen Sprachkursaufenthalt.   Ein umfangreiches kulturelles und soziales Freizeitangebot bietet umfassende Einblicke in die deutsche Kultur und Lebenswirklichkeit.


Düsseldorf , die Stadt mit besonders hoher Lebensqualität in Deutschland :

die Landeshauptstadt Nordrhein-Westfalens bietet eine Kombination aus wirtschaftlicher Dynamik, kosmopolitischem Flair und hoher Lebensqualität (Platz 6 unter weltweit 231 Städten, Mercer Quality of Living Ranking 2017). Das große Freizeitprogramm umfasst   u. a. Schiffspartys auf dem Rhein und Tageausflüge nach Brüssel oder Amsterdam.  


Berlin, die kosmopolitische Metropole:

noch mehr Hauptstadtfeeling garantiert ein Sprachkurs in Berlin mit einzigartiger Kultur, Fashion, angesagten Clubs und Kreativität. Unser Trainingszentrum berlinerID liegt verkehrsgünstig in der Berliner Mitte. Das IIK berlinerID gehört zu den Top10-Sprachschulen Berlins auf


Unterkünfte :

In beiden Städten vermitteln wir Unterkünfte in studentischen Wohngemeinschaften, in Apartments oder auch in Gastfamilien.


Studieren in Deutschland :

Spezieller Studienberatungsservice in Ihrem Heimatland und am IIK


  • Überprüfung Ihrer Qualifikationen und Zeugnisse nach deutschen Standards
  • Persönlicher Fahrplan für ihr angestrebtes Studienziel inkl. Sprachkurs
  • Hilfe beim Bewerbungsverfahren an Universitäten mit persönlichem Tutor
  • Spezielles Komplettangebot mit Beratung und Hilfen zugeschnitten auf ihre Bedürfnisse


Mehr Informationen auch in anderen Sprachen finden Sie auf unseren Webseiten .

Link Düsseldorf:

Link Berlin:

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Das Berliner Künstlerprogramm

Das Berliner Künstlerprogramm des Deutschen Akademischen Austauschdienstes ist international eines der angesehensten Stipendienprogramme für Künstlerinnen und Künstler in den Sparten Bildende Kunst, Literatur, Musik und Film. Seit 1963 verleiht es jährlich und weltweit rund 20 Stipendien für einen meist einjährigen Aufenthalt in Berlin. Die Namen der über 1.000 ehemaligen Gäste belegen eindrucksvoll den Qualitätsanspruch des Programms. In den fast 50 Jahren seines Bestehens hat es damit einen wesentlichen Beitrag zur internationalen Repräsentanz der zeitgenössischen Kunst in Berlin geleistet.


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* Das DAAD-Informationszentrum Belgrad kann keine Qualitätsüberprüfung der hier annoncierten Studienangebote vornehmen. *